Gacha Life Best Characters List 2022

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Gacha Life Characters 2022

These are formally known as NPCs (non-playable characters), and their purpose is to guide you through the game.
Many people have difficulty learning and comprehending what the characters do. As a result, we’ve decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the characters in Gacha Life. Let’s get started on the list without taking up too much of your time.

Gacha Life Best Characters List 2022

Gacha Life is a fantastic way for many of you to have fun, make new friends and role-playing in a digital world. Gacha Life is an iOS and Android videogame that can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The game was released in 2018 and quickly became popular among anime and roleplaying fans.

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Misty is Gacha Life Best Characters the president of the student council at School F1 East A, and she considers herself to be “the smartest person in the world.” Her favourite items are accessories, so gifting her anything in that area can help boost her fondness for you. Mistry is so brilliant that she just has one letter B.


Many people assume Mizumi isn’t human since she has fish swimming in her hair. She lives on Beach D and enjoys swimming with dolphins and other sea creatures. Goldfish are her favourite fish, but she also adores penguins. Cookies are her favourite, therefore bringing her something from that area can assist her feelings to grow stronger.


Moe can appear in Gacha Life as both her original and corrupt selves. She has a dog that she characterises as a trickster, though no one knows for certain. She enjoys gaming and receiving game-related presents.


Morgana is Gacha Life Best Character can be found lurking in Spookytown F’s graveyards. She is a goth girl, and many people describe her as sad. She adores stickers, so make sure to include some in your package. Morgana enjoys wearing dark sweaters and hopes to visit the Underworld one day.


Mr Principal is a Gacha Life Best Characters well-known figure in Gacha Life since he is the school’s principal. He may be found at School F1 East C, where he utilises his ruler to keep the other NPCs in line. He has two boys and is a huge fan of technology. Mr Principal was designed to be a severe figure based on Baldi from the indie horror game Baldi’s Basics.


Mumble is a Gacha Life Best Characters cure girl who lives in Beach E and enjoys swimming and watching orcas. She has a “Friend” relationship status and defines herself as an artist. Mumble is very passionate about orcas, believing them to be the finest animals on the globe.


Muu is Lily’s closest buddy and resides in the Red Striped Room. She appears in Gacha Club as both a playable unit and as Yokai Muu. If the player recognises her as Yokai Muu, she will talk in fragmented phrases. She is a well-liked NPC in Gacha Life and was even considered for inclusion in Gacha League.


Nemu may be seen in Gacha Life and Gacha Club, and she presently resides in Spookytown F. Many people characterise Nemu as a weary girl who spends all of her time in the cemetery. Nemu adores animals and aspires to be a veterinarian when she grows up.


Ngoc is a Gacha Life Best Characters Vietnamese character and one of the few non-native English speakers in Gacha Life. She is quite the party girl since she enjoys going to parties with Moe and Kat. Ngoc enjoys beverages, so giving her anything in that area will ensure that she becomes a friend. She resides in Courtyard C and is a prominent student at her school.

Nii Nikki

Nikki Nii is another alien NPC that resides on School Roof C and sings to her pals on a daily basis. Her passion is music, and she possesses the extraordinary power to transform whatever she gestures into music. She is a highly enigmatic character that enjoys expressing herself via song. Nikki is an alien, yet she tries her hardest to learn Gacha Life’s original language.

Good Luck, Nurse

Nurse Luck resides at School F1 East B and is responsible for the pupils’ well-being. She adores plants, and giving her plant presents will boost her fondness for you. Luck is a medical student who has completed her studies to become a nurse.


Otto is a Gacha Life Best Characters NPC you encounter at Beach A, and the first thing you notice about him is that he is really bored. He like cookies, so that’s a fantastic approach to win him over. You may have interesting chats with Otto and even quiz him.


Pat is a Gacha Life Best Characters blue-haired man from Hometown A. He enjoys sports, with football being his favourite. Pat’s hobby is astronomy, and Venus is his favourite planet. Giving Pat a sports present will strengthen his devotion to you.


Patches are yet another non-human NPC with a pumpkin head. He is a great comic and jokester, but he used to play football before damaging his knee. His favourite holiday is Halloween, thus the pumpkin head. Giving him Halloween presents will turn him into a buddy. Patches reside in Spookytown D and may be seen on the streets making jokes.


Pawket and her sister Picc are members of the band “Bandits.” She is yet another non-human NPC in Gacha Life. She is a raccoon that lives in Gacha City A and is fascinated by technology. Giving her gadgets and other items in the “tech” area can improve her affection for you. She has set her status to “Friend” and considers herself to be an artist.


Picc is Gacha Life Best Character Pawket’s sister and a musician. Picc, unlike her sister, considers herself a superstar. Unlike her sister, she appears as a playable fighting unit in Gache Club and even has its own minigame. Picc is unquestionably more popular than her sister, but that doesn’t detract from their friendship. She, too, resides in Gacha City A and enjoys music.


In Gacha Life, Pixie is another non-human NPC. She is a mystical figure that looks like…well, a pixie. She lives in Park A and enjoys being in the woods. Pixie is a huge fan of fairy tales, her favourite being Cinderella. She used to be a cheerleader for the Gacha school when she was younger, but now she wanders the parks in the hopes of meeting new people. Sending Pixie a present from the “Drinks” category can improve her affection and turn her into a friend.


Po is a Gacha Life Best Characters monk in Bamboo Village C who resembles Ang from the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender. He’s a really spiritual person who enjoys meditating and being among plants. Send a few plants, and Po will become your buddy.

Gacha, Professor

Professor Gacha is Gacha Life Best Characters one of the most brilliant and eccentric lecturers and NPCs in the Gacha Life world. He is a school scientist and lives in School Courtyard A. Naturally, he is fascinated by technology, gadgets, and any new ideas that he can get his hands on.


Qing is a humanoid who looks like a rabbit. Qing, of course, enjoys playing with carrots and grass. His love of flowers is so strong that he has a large number of kinds in his garden. Giving him a flower will make him your buddy. Qing enjoys reading and visiting the library.


Radd is one of the few NPCs of the Drama Club, which is located in the School area. He is well-known in the Gacha Universe, having appeared in Gacha Club and is expected to appear in Gacha League. His gift category is gaming, which is a good sign of how to approach him. His relationship status is set to “Friend,” and his personality is highly flirtatious.


Rambo is a Gacha Life Best Characters former Gacha Club playable fighting unit that currently lives in Train Dimension B in Gacha Life. This is one of only a handful of NPCs in the region. She has a strong personality, and many people say her name is inappropriate for her. “Adorable” is her favourite gift category.


Ramunade debuts as a playable fighting unit and one of the universe’s most popular NPCs in both Gacha Life and Club. She is a level 5 star character with secret abilities who lives in Slime Forest. Her strange speaking pattern is one of her not-so-hidden features. She adores animals and fashion. It will be simpler to befriend her if you send her things from the latter type.


Rin, a Gacha Life Best Characters witch by trade, is a mystery NPC that can be located in Back Alley A. She has also appeared in Gacha Resort and may be identified by her eye patch. She like clothing, therefore bringing her a present will make it simpler to become friends with her.


Hime-girlfriend sama’s is Rockstar-chan, and they both have their own band. Rockstar-chan is an orphan girl from Eve’s orphanage, but Hime-sama comes from a wealthy household. She is a student in School Classroom 2A who enjoys listening to music. She is also a decent musician and artist, so bringing her something in that genre will turn her into a friend.


Rudolph is a Gacha Life Best Characters non-human NPC who looks like a reindeer. He knows how to fly, but he failed the exam the first time he tried. He lives in Snowlands and is one of Gacha Life’s few Christmas-themed NPCs.


Sabrina is Gacha Life Best Character another of the witches that live in Spookytown E. She adores clothing and enjoys receiving presents in the category. She has pinkish hair and flies around on a broom. Sabrina is an excellent English student and one of the few who always get straight A’s.


Sakura attends School 2F and has four close pals. She doesn’t want to build new ones, but she will make one for the player and give her flowers as a present.


Sandy may be found at Beach D, where she meets new people and makes new friends on a daily basis. She is highly secretive, claiming to have a sister but refusing to reveal her identity. Her passion for fruits is so strong that she usually has a pineapple on hand in case she becomes hungry.


In Gacha Life, Santa is Mr. Claus, Gacha Life Best Character and he is one of the most beloved people in the universe. He lives in Snowlands E and is one of the few characters with a Christmas motif.


Satsuna is Gacha Life Best Characters another non-human NPC who belongs to the dragon family. She may seem human, but she is everything but. Satsuna is the Naval Commander and Gacha City B’s first line of defence. She also appears as a playable fighting unit and a significant storyline character in Gacha Club.


Selena Gacha Life Best Characters once encountered a talking cat who bestowed upon her magical abilities. Selena has been able to transform into anything she touches since then. She once transformed herself into a light and spied on her companions. Selena like clothing, so gifting her something from that area will make it simpler for you to befriend her.

Artz, Senpai

Senpai Artz Gacha Life Best Characters can be found in Gacha Life and Club. She is a playable fighting unit with two varieties, Corrupt and Momo, who lives in the School Library. Senpai Artz is said to be quite fond of Radd. She also likes animals, so you may befriend her by giving her anything from that area.


Senpaibuns is a Gacha Life Characters mystical figure that defeats her opponents by using her sleep skills. She has her own mini-game in Gacha Life and was supposed to come to Gacha League. She was never discharged in Gacha League, however, and instead joined the ranks of the Gacha Club.


Serenity is a Gacha Life Characters female NPC that lives in West City C and is obsessed with shiny things. Animals, more than diamonds, hold her interest. Sending her animal-themed presents will, of course, make it simpler to befriend her. She may also be found at Gacha Club and is said to have 10 lives.


Shadow resides in Gacha Life Best Characters Spookytown G and is one of the few characters from Transylvania in Gacha Life. He was raised as an orphan and utilized his brainwashing abilities to rule the world. He was imprisoned for 11 years in a secret place and pledges to dominate the globe once more.

Patsy Sparky

Sparky Pats debuted in Gacha Resort before being announced for Gacha Life. She is a human NPC that resides in Back Alley B and belongs to the Neutral Hope clan. She loves stickers, so that’s a terrific way to get to know her. Sparky is Daisy’s best buddy and is thought to come from Australia.


Spongey is a Gacha Life Characters non-human NPC found on School Roof D. She’s a devil waif, and many of her classmates are fighting for her heart. Spongey is a master manipulator who utilizes her abilities to entice people to her harem, where they generally make out.


Spring is Gacha Life Best Characters one of the seasoned-themed Gacha Life Characters NPCs that appear in both Gacha Life and Club. Her favourite colour is green, and she enjoys flowers and animals. Sending her flowers as a present can quickly make her a friend. Spring is a tremendously strong troop in Gacha Club that can be gained with minigame tokens.


Summer, the third season-themed NPC in Gacha Life, enjoys going to the beach. She really lives at Beach C and is Crystal’s best friend. J.K. Howling is her favourite artist and she enjoys reading.


Superbrian25 is Gacha Life Characters the final of three characters that can only be reached via level 100 portals. Super Brain isn’t much of a talker because the only thing he’ll say back if you ask him a question is “boba.”


Sweetgum is a Gacha Life character particularly hostile NPC that seldom interacts with other NPCs. She appears to be a bully since she is regularly spotted harassing other children at School F3 East C. To make matters worse, she keeps a tarantula named Terry as a pet. But all of that darkens when you discover that Sweetgum adores sweets, namely pink confectionery.


Takeshi is Gacha Life Character such a gamer that he is often forgetting to finish his homework. He lives at School F2 West C and spends his days playing video games. If you want to make him your buddy, you should get him anything from the “Gaming” category.


Tarik is a non-human Gacha Life Characters NPC that lives in Desert D and works for an unidentified and mysterious organization. Oh, and Tarik like sports, so giving him a soccer ball will reveal the nature of that civilization.


Thorn is another Gacha Life Characters another non-human NPC who enjoys hanging around in the demon world. In actuality, Thorn has recently fled the demon world to reside in Spookytown I, therefore that assertion is untrue. Thorn like toys, so purchasing him something sweet and harmless can help you become friends with him. He used to work as a cook for the devil himself in the demon world.


Troy is Gacha Life Best Characters the high school basketball player everyone goes to when they need to score a point. He lives in the School Gym and is his school’s point guard. Troy is not the team’s captain; that honour belongs to Kugari.


Wei is an enigmatic figure that lives in Bamboo Entrance. She is a huge enthusiast of the sky and enjoys observing the stars at night. Her interest is drinking, therefore gifting her anything in that area will make it easier for you to befriend her.


Winter is the final season-themed NPC in Snowlands E. You would believe that Christmas is Winter’s favourite holiday, but you’d be wrong. It’s really Haloween.


Xenos and Enzo are mortal foes, but Xenos does not appear to be aware of this. Enzo, the bounty hunter, suggests that Xenos claim a reward on a different planet. Xenos, on the other hand, is a tough character to catch since he is a very bright man who taunts the player with well-worded phrases. Plants are his preferred present, so bringing him something from that area would make him happy.


Yukina, who wields sugar as a weapon, is a formidable fighting unit in Gacha Club. Her personality is “Yandere,” and she dwells in Snowlands B.


Yuni is another animal-human hybrid that resides in Hometown C. In Gacha Club, she is a bunny chick that can kick ass. Yuni is one of the few troops that players acquire at the start of the game in Gacha Club. She adores animals, so buying her something in that genre will quickly win her over.

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